Overview allows you to extract data from PDF's and convert it to Excel, JSON, CSV and XML. Or, you can hook up to Zapier and other web automation platforms to send the extracted data nearly anywhere. Our tabular, and free form data selection, coupled with exceptional OCR, allow us to reliably get the information you need, and convert it how you like. Read more of our features below:

Import your documents - Docparser can automatically fetch files from various sources for you. You can connect your cloud storage provider (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive), use our REST API and just email your files in as attachments. You can also manually upload your PDF files to our secure server for processing.

Create your own parsing rules - Our parsing engine pulls all relevant PDF data fields based on parsing rules which are 100% tailored to your needs. Creating parsing rules is easy and zero coding is required. Once set up, new PDF files are automatically processed and you'll get structured and easy-to-handle data in return.

Move your data to where it belongs - Docparser was built for the modern cloud stack. Adding a new row inside a database, creating or updating a record in your CRM, adding rows to a Google Sheet ... we have you covered thanks to our native cloud integrations! You can also connect Docparser to Zapier which will provide you endless possibilities. You can also just download parsed PDF data in Excel, CSV, JSON or XML format.

Blazing fast processing - Your PDF documents are processed immediately upon upload. Usually it takes less than a minute to parse a document and download the data or send it to your business app.

Process multiple file types - We offer an internal routing system so that you can apply a dedicated set of parsing rules for each document structure you want to parse. The rule is simple: one set of parsing rules for each document type you want to parse data from.

Import documents through email - You can import your documents by sending them as email attachments. This comes in handy in case your documents already reside somewhere in your inbox, or are coming in regularly.

Send parsed data to any API - Our HTTP webhook feature lets you send your parsed file to any endpoint on the internet. Fuel your API with data parsed from documents.

Integrate with hundreds of apps - We offer a variety of native integrations from Google Spreadsheets to Salesforce. For more specific integrations, our Zapier integration has you covered.

Key Features

  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to JSON
  • PDF Data Extraction
  • Workflow Automation
  • OCR



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