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Filestage is a web application tailored to the needs of marketing departments, ad agencies, film production companies and creative freelancers to review and approve media content.

Filestage is a web application to share, review and approve media content with teams and clients. Instead of sending emails back and forth, reviewers annotate their comments and change request directly inside the file. Revisions in Filestage are easy, efficient and clearly documented. Filestage supports reviews of videos, audio files, documents and images. The web application is especially tailored to the needs of marketing departments, ad agencies, film production companies and creative freelancers


One Tool for all Reviews and Approvals: Filestage supports all the major file types. User of Filestage get fast and precise feedback on videos, images, audio files and pdf. New formats like websites, interactive banners and PowerPoint will constantly added.

Efficient Workflow: Filestage’s efficient review workflow will help user’s complete reviews a lot faster. The workflow is tailored to the need of the creative industry. It helps users of Filestage to manage their projects at ease and save time and money by increasing efficiency.

Review-Cockpit: This cockpit enables users of Filestage to manage and control all their reviews in Filestage. Thanks to the unique traffic-lights system users can see the status of all reviews at a glance.

Mark change request as done: Comments and change requests in Filestage become a practical To-Do list. They can be checked and marked as done when completed. That helps users in Filestage to stay on top of their projects.

Easy as Trello: Filestage is all about simplicity and user friendliness. Filestage is easy and intuitive. It’s free from confusion and irritating questions - especially for the client site. There is no need to watch long tutorials. Thanks to the great UX design, users are able to use Filestage right from the start.

Sophisticated design on all devices: Filestage helps creatives to present their files on a professional stage. Filestage is the right tool, no matter if you are using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Automated Documentation System: All comments, change requests and approvals are time-stamped. Filestage has an integrated versioning system, so all feedback is clearly versioned and documented.

Secure European Cloud Solution: The data in Filestage is stored in Germany and protected through AES 256-bit encryption. This is a major factor for many German enterprises.

First Class Support in German and English: Filestage is available in German and English. That makes Filestage a clear favorite for European clients.

Key Features

  • One tool for all reviews and approvals
  • Efficient workflow
  • Review-Cockpit
  • Automated to-do lists
  • Plug & Play
  • Sophisticated design on all devices
  • Automated Documentation System
  • Export feedback as pdf
  • Fast client feedback without signup
  • Clear versioning, no more misunderstandings
  • Simple group conversations
  • Custom branding
  • High-security encryption



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  • Filestage Content Approval
  • Filestage Review and Commenting Screen

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