Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) is a modern, highly scalable file storage system that runs in the data center and the public cloud. It stores billions of files with lower cost and lower TCO than legacy storage appliances. It is also the highest performance file storage system on premises and in the cloud. Its built-in, real-time diagnostics let administrators easily manage data no matter how large the footprint or where it’s located globally. QF2’s cross-cluster replication enables data to move where it’s needed when it’s needed, for example, between on-premises clusters and clusters running in the cloud. In short, QF2 allows the modern enterprise to easily represent and manage file sets numbering in the billions of files, in any operating environment, anywhere in the world.

QF2 runs on industry standard hardware and was designed from the ground up to meet all of today’s requirements for scale. It is the world’s first universally scalable file storage system.

QF2 is the only system that provides real-time visibility and control for the data footprint at today’s storage scale. QF2 replaces grueling manual administration with the ability to see real-time usage, activity and throughput at any level of the unified directory structure, no matter how many files are in the file system.

Line-of-business organizations within an enterprise are significant creators and consumers of file-based data. QF2’s ease-of-use features enable LOB users to bypass complex management and configuration. QF2 is storage that just works out of the box, reducing dependencies on central IT.

Key Features

  • Real-time analytics
  • Billion-file scale
  • Freedom to store and access your data anywhere
  • Cloud-based monitoring
  • Access to innovation
  • No hardware lock-in
  • Fully programmable REST API
  • Out-of-box simplicity
  • Highest performance file storage in the cloud
  • Modern support and simple subscription-based pricing



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