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Many small businesses use multiple disparate tools to manage their information. It makes it tough for users to constantly switch between the various tools, making life more cumbersome, complex and inefficient.

Orgzit is a collaboration tool for SMBs that are looking to digitize their processes to become more competitive and get setup for scale. Orgzit works great for task management, recruitment tracking, expense tracking, and a whole range of other business activities.

Orgzit also provides a highly customizable no-low code self-service solution for business managers in larger enterprise companies who find themselves stuck using archaic and difficult to use software solutions or relying on spreadsheets for various business applications and/or collaboration.

All of this is offered as a SaaS solution, so you don't have to install any hardware or software, and can go from account creation to using Orgzit apps in less than 5 minutes. Here are a few problems that differentiates Orgzit from other business solutions -

• Unavailability of a DIY Information schema – Imagine a Company X whose business process are setup in manner A. Another company Y, which does the same business has its processes setup in manner B. Both companies will find it difficult to fit into the structure (information schema) setup by the software trying to fulfill their automation needs. Company X, with a huge capital to invest, might hire a big gun and develop a complex system, which no one would end up using eventually. Whereas Company Y quickly configures Orgzit to setup their process, is easy and ready to use, and fully aligning with company’s business processes.

Feature: Low/no code Solution, Quick setup and easy to use.
• Managing remote sales team: Think of your team members whose work schedule switches regularly from office premises to remote areas to monitor project status, record daily updates and feed them into a system. They need to capture and organize their data in Excel sheets, convey updates via mail or word of mouth. But nothing happens in real-time. Not only do they end up wasting time entering/re-entering the data into Excel files, communications channels increase and data gets lost in the process. So there is no quick analysis at the end of a day regarding the project status. Luckily, Orgzit mobile app captures that data in real-time and allows them to plan the project, capture data in real-time, collaborate on that data, and analyze – all in one place.

Features: Email Integration, Real-time data exchange, Custom reports generation, agile project management
• Managing multiple instances of work items on a single platform: Suppose Company A is handling CRM for 5 different organizations. Now employees of Company A work on each client’s CRM on a dedicated computer system. And the number of employees allocated to each client is 10. So they end up running multiple instances simultaneously on 5 different systems. Not only does it mean more asset maintenance contracts but additional time investment too. Moreover, there are more chances of data duplication, which eventually leads to reduced productivity standards.

Whereas Company B has the same business model but it uses Orgzit as its centralized administrative IT panel to control the CRMs of all clients. With powerful role-based user access control, employees of Company B can view/edit their client’s data in the CRM quickly, thus saving time and improving productivity.
• Bring dealers and manufacturers together in one place: Mark runs a business manufacturing electrical equipment. He has a huge dealer network of retailers and wholesalers spread across multiple states. He wants to maintain cordial business ties with them as well as draw useful insights from the data being collected from them – Which retailer sold how many, Where is the maximum profit coming from, How can he expand?
Orgzit brings together all members of the supply chain in one place where he can create cloud based application on lead/funnel management system, collaborate with his dealers in real-time as they capture the leads through Orgzit mobile app and create custom reports from the data collected.

Features: Robust CRM with defined user-access levels, Dealer network management

Key Features

  • Customized reporting
  • Granular Level organizational capabilities
  • Three-tier access control setup
  • All-in-one Collaboration Featured like @ mention and email and notification
  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Webforms
  • Webhooks/API sharing
  • Kanban boards
  • data filtering
  • task management, project management, HRMS, Recruitment, Asset and field force management



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