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Adeptia Connect - An Enterprise-Class Integration Platform: Adeptia Connect makes you easier to do business with by allowing your business users to onboard partners with a no-code approach. Adeptia Connect is a next-generation enterprise integration platform that lets you perform secure, Any-to-Any integration. Adeptia Connect provides a web-based interface for users from a company and their customers and partners to work in the same place and create connections.

Adeptia Connect is a full-featured, enterprise-class integration platform that is driven by an analyst approved, industry proven integration backbone. The enterprise-class platform provides comprehensive B2B standards and protocol support to securely connect with any trading partner regardless of size, geography, and technical sophistication.

Adeptia Connect providing a simple self-service integration platform for your business users is key to onboard clients quickly and accelerate services delivery. Adeptia Connect allowing your trading partners to connect to your systems in minutes. Adeptia Connect centralized integration hub to connect to any customer application.

Adeptia Connect acts as a customer or supplier portal for a company as it allows an organization to provide all the information to its trading partners to learn about the connection options and then create and manage data interfaces. A simpler approach such as Adeptia Connect to allow businesses to connect with each other and onboard data through a social approach of discovery, approvals and using the published list of shared connections.

Key Features

  • B2B Data Integration
  • data integration platform
  • enterprise data integration
  • data integration
  • data integration hub



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