Seggac is a SaaS solution for the construction industry. It provides tools for better control and management of problems during construction, in all its phases. With the cloud based collaborative software and mobile app, Seggac can also help companies to improve customer service, deliver projects on time, and keep track of every warranty claim.

For the damages found during the warranty period, users can give a fast and organized follow-up, knowing at all times the status of the claims. This includes Access to customers 24/7, Expiration according to delivery date, Handling Hidden Vices and Claims by Activity.

In addition to the follow-up of guarantees, Seggac also allows you to keep track of the cases that are detected during the pre-inspection visits to the property, including Private record in history, Monitoring and internal control, Access in the field with or without data signal, Searches and Reports by type of claim.

Seggac handles individual times for the construction team and the sales department, so users can have greater visibility of the information and easily know what properties are to be delivered in the week or month, in addition to those that have open pre-inspection issues.

Seggac also allows users to register contractors and assign cases according to each type of claim, in turn taking an individual control of the progress of the repair, automate processes and have all documents ready for client approval once the work is finished.

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Key Features

  • Construction Claim Management, Construction Punch List, Analytics & Reports



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