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Free Call
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Be available anywhere, anytime by letting anyone on your site call you for free.

With Free Call, your visitors can phone or message you in a click. It’s a great way to boost your service, sales and more, and keep customers happy.
* Receive visitor calls straight to your existing cell or phone
* Let your site visitors get in touch with you by phone or message
* Use call recording so you never miss a thing

Why You need Free Call?
Most website visitors slip away without say hello. They always delay the sales call for latter time. Whit Free Call your prospects will be able to contact you early in the buying processes - right at the moment they have questions and need answers.

With Free Call you will be able to catch more:
- Potential Customers who are, abroad and are not yet ready to start international call.
- Potential Customers who are, not sure they are ready to contact you right now, and delay the call.
- Potential Customers who are, on your website and need answer right now. (e.g. what is the difference with Shopify, which is faster etc...)

Of course, Free Call will provide you with admin panel where you will be able to:
1. Track your call history
2. See where people call you from, Their GPS Location, Their Phone.....etc.
3. Listen Call Recordings of each call.


1. What browsers and operating systems are supported? - The true beauty of Free Call is that it supports all browsers and all operating systems. Only Free Call support all phones, tablets and mobile devices.

2. Does Free Call supports only US phone numbers? - No! Free Call is international service. It support all countries in the world. Most worldwade mobile carriers are supported.

Key Features

  • Catch visitors earlier in buying process
  • Get More visitors form web
  • Free Messages
  • Website Widget
  • Call Recording
  • Caller Geo-location
  • Easy to use control pannel
  • international calls



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