The Digital Beauty Advisor


The Revieve Digital Beauty Advisor transforms the online beauty-product shopping experience by helping beauty brands and retailers bring the trusted in-store beauty consultant to the online world. The Digital Beauty Advisor is a shopper-selfie driven personalized product advice and product recommendation software that works within the beauty brands or retailers existing digital channels; directly on their e-commerce site, through Facebook Messenger, on Amazon Alexa or even in-store.
The Digital Beauty Advisor is an AI-enabled guided-selling software that runs within the beauty brands existing digital channels and environments and recommends products for end-consumers based on a computer-vision powered selfie-analysis. The solution is a fully customizable white-label solution that can be made to conform with the beauty brands or retailers visual style as well as the language and tone of voice used by the brand / retailer for their customers. The Digital Beauty Advisor be integrated directly onto a part of the beauty brands or retailers own customer experience.
The Digital Beauty Advisor -solution can provide product recommendations across makeup and skincare product categories, either for full skincare and makeup routines or can function as a solution enabling the shopper to understand how well an individual product they are viewing on the e-commerce site matches their skincare / beauty needs. In addition, through augmented reality, the experience provides the end-shoppers with the ability to view what they would look like after using the recommended beauty products

Key Features

  • Product recommendations
  • Personalization
  • Selfie
  • AI
  • Augmented Reality
  • Conversion Increase
  • Personal Advice
  • API
  • Computer-Vision
  • Guided Selling



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