Croosing is taking browsing forward by re-inventing the thing that makes the Internet “click” – the hyperlink. Developing the proprietary SUPERLINK tech (patent pending) Croosing has laid the foundation for the world’s first autonomous browsing experience.
Croosing's SUPERLINK solves the age-old problem that has been troubling website owners' since the creation of the internet itself: controlling the sales funnel. The SUPERLINK allows for website owners to lead clients through multiple web-pages through auto-navigation. Additionally, website owners can highlight information on the webpages to allow clients to focus on important contact. The SUPERLINK also allows for website owners to deliver their intended messages and actively communicate throughout the autonomous browsing experience. Within a SUPERLINK, a website owner can custom-tailor personal messages to clients and display them, as well as various emojis and images that allow for effective communication. Throughout the seamless autonomous browsing experience, the SUPERLINK can encourage clients to do actions and assist them along the way.
SUPERLINKs are completely customizable for the website owner based on the target market. Various SUPERLINKs can be created for a single website. Website owners design the best scenarios for their clients, and the SUPERLINK executes them seamlessly. The SUPERLINK has applications in a variety of areas including filling out complex forms on websites, sales, help desk applications, and much more. With the SUPERLINK, website owner's can ensure their clients' satisfaction, from entry point to destination goal.

Key Features

  • autonomous browsing
  • fully customizable
  • enhanced client experience
  • easy integration
  • simplified browsing
  • active communication with clients
  • mobile compatibility
  • desktop compatibility
  • form automation
  • easy-to-use editor



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