Make your reception desk more efficient and welcome your visitors/clients the smart way with Voonote.
Voonote is a visitor management tool that is designed to help several corporate and retail spaces among others to let their visitors digitally check in making the entire process smooth and paperless. It works on iPads or any Android tablet.
Voonote lets you enhance company’s image and guest experience with your own branding. We also offer system customization based on your specific needs.

We help you serve better in :

By offering you a smooth way to your visitor! Improve reception at Front-desk with Voonote through digital check-ins.

Valet Parking
We help you streamline Valet Parking with Voonote and make it more secure and hassle free. Sign in guests and notify them for their car parking.

Feedback Services
With Voonote, take feedback from your customers and improve your offerings from their feedback.

Tap the potential of a visit from your customer. Understand their needs and target them with Voonote.


1. Digital Check in/Check out
2. Custom Form Fields
3. Notify Host / Visitor
4. Keep Data In Cloud
5. Showcase Your Brand
6. Know Your Visitors
7. Remotely Manage Locations

Voonote is the product by Voolsy Networks Pvt. Ltd. Voolsy is an award winning revolutionary dine-in app that works with ibeacon technology. It is the first app in India that uses iBeacon for restaurant industry. Spending years in restaurant industry and working with popular brands across India, Voolsy has widened its range by introducing Voonote.

Key Features

  • Visitor Mangement
  • ipad receptionist
  • visitor registration
  • survey on tablet
  • customer feedback survey
  • valet parking solutions
  • customer management system
  • retail data analytics
  • customer database management
  • measuring customer satisfaction
  • visitor check in system
  • parking control systems



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