YetiForce CRM


YetiForce is an open source CRM system which helps companies manage meetings, calls, and events, as well as organize contact information and manage company activities and processes, such as sales, time control, projects, and more. To enhance user-productivity, YetiForce automates processes using workflows and allows users to add any feature their company needs. Users can also create charts, tables and graphs to gain valuable insight into business performance.

In 2017, YetiForce was named #1 Most Affordable CRM Software in Capterra's ranking. It was selected out of over 550 CRM systems where jury evaluated the cost, functionalities in the system and customer feedback.

Another thing that sets YetiForce apart from other open source CRM systems is our care for application's security. It complies with the highest security standards, e.g. OWASP ASVS or OWASP Proactive Controls.

What is more, YetiForce’s interface is very intuitive, therefore it’s one of the most attractive and easiest to use CRMs. It’s also very feature-rich and if all the functions are configured, the system becomes automated and does it all for a user.

- Open source
- Free for an unlimited number of users
- Customizable
- Over 100 user and admin modules
- Highest code quality in compliance with global standards
- Operational at full performance with over 20000 users
- Integration with LDAP, DAV, PBXManager and Open Street Maps

Testing version available at

Key Features

  • Built-in email client
  • Time Control
  • Advanced permissions
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Data coloring tools
  • Advanced search engine
  • Encrypting data
  • Built-in notifications by email
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Internal chat
  • Gantt charts



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