Finding it tough to organize, track and grow your sales pipeline? The only way out is with an innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool like WakeUpSales.

Developed in Ruby on Rails, WakeUpSales is a simple Open Source CRM tool that helps you in every phase of your Business Life-cycle. Streamline your Sales Activities, create powerful Customer Relationships & nurture them.

Here’s why you’ll love WakeUpSales:
1. Learn in minutes
2. Track every interaction
3. Improve your workflow
4. More productivity with less work

WakeUpSales helps business to create powerful customer relationships. No doubt it's the most innovative and affordable CRM solution available in the market for Free!

It gives an eagle's-eye view on the productivity and progress of your sales team. In no time after its release, it attracted small and medium businesses from an array of diverse industries, not limited just to software/consultant firm.

We took the good feedback as appreciation and the bad feedback as lessons. We learned a lot over the period & are now providing any kind of customization and installation support on your premise.

Why I need a CRM?
CRM integrates deals , tasks and calendars and so much more in one easily maintained and managed place. By using a CRM your business will become organized and as your business becomes organized you'll start to see success.

Below are some points:
Track your tasks, events and activities.
Never lose your data.
Predict your future easily.
Increase your sales growth.
Provides you instant metrics on dozens of aspects of your business

Key Features

  • Unlimited Deals
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited User
  • Activity log
  • 100% software and data ownership
  • Customizable



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