Introducing “CALLEY” an automatic call dialer for businesses who call in bulk. Call your prospects or friends for a promotion or an event.

It is a great tool for Start-ups, Small Sales Teams, HR companies, Event Companies, NGO’s. If you want to make multiple calls and SAVE yourself from the hassle of manual calling. Calling is one of the ways you keep a check if your prospected lead is still warm. Being a startup or a small business you always have less time to call and more things to do. On top of that, calling each prospect manually is a loss of time and effort if the call goes unanswered.

Why do I need an auto call dialer mobile app :
“CALLEY is essentially an automatic call dialler created to call multiple people without dialling their numbers manually”
Anyone who has ever done or been part of a sales team knows the importance of a Telephonic call. It is more personalised than an email. Dialling numbers manually can be daunting and its comes to the rescue by allowing you to call multiple numbers without dialling them smart

Calley Personal
Duration varies • Free for Lifetime
50 Calls Per day | Single Calling Lists. | Calling Dashboard | Customisable Reason / Feedback Templates | Add contacts Manually | Create list from Mobile Contacts | Call Pausing

Calley Pro
Duration varies • 20 USD per month
For details visit the url -

Calley Teams
Duration varies • 50 USD per month
For details visit -

Key Features

  • CALLEY an automatic call dialer for businesses who call in bulk



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