Ranktab makes group discussion and decisions smarter. It makes it as easy as simple web browsing. Nowadays, group decision making in businesses consists of effective use of brainstorming and erratic discussions. This can happen in meeting rooms and in virtual case over hundreds of emails as well as lengthy teleconferences. Ranktab is different from others. It helps you avoid participating in erratic decisions by organizing a decision framework into a visual context so that every individual can know and understand the collective thinking of the whole team.

It helps to map everybody’s insight into a single decision graph. It observes tradeoffs between different available options, accelerates decisions with local as well as remote teams, provides immediate real time outcomes and ensures improved data analysis and reporting.

Ranktab lets you take faster, wiser and smarter decisions. It is a visual insight which helps you observe every participating member’s comparison of various options and understand the tradeoffs as well as collective consensus. With it, you can create group discussion and decision boards, and promptly share across devices easily.

Creating Ranktab is as simple as 1-2-3. Just define options, configure the criteria and then share. It helps you evaluate options and view collective wisdom.

Ranktab is used by small to mid size businesses as well as large enterprises, public administrations, non profits and even freelancers from all over the world including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Germany, Middle-East and India. It is supported by Web – based and Android. With Ranktab’s basic version, you can avail its key functionalities at no cost, while improved features are available at reasonable price. 

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