ThisData uses login anomaly detection, machine learning & contextual information to verify a user's identity & quickly prevent account takeover. Use our Anomaly Detection APIs to enable better user experience & enhance security in any application.

It’s all about using context to verify identity. Developers use our API to track events, sending contextual information about users of their applications. For each and every user, our algorithms build up profiles of trusted behaviors, locations, and devices. This enables automated anomaly detection and the ability to verify a user’s identity at any time. Rapidly respond and contain threats with our webhooks, and empower users with our notifications.

Automate Security Workflows
Use our API to asynchronously track log-ins and other events in your app. We build up a behavioral profile for every user, which can be used to make risk-based decisions on critical events like log-in, data deletion, or funds transfer.

User Notifications
If an anomaly is detected we can directly notify your user via customized email or SMS. Responses are used to continuously improve the accuracy of our service, and provide a webhook so your app can take appropriate action.

Audit Log for compliance
Save time digging through logs with a searchable audit history for every user accessing your app, which device they used, where they were located and what the associated risk of each action was.

You'll use one of our libraries to record your customer's interactions with your website, mobile app, or servers. We have native libraries for Ruby, PHP, .NET. as well as a WordPress plugin.

Key Features

  • Login anomaly detection
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Contextual authentication
  • Data science



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