RocketROI offers high performance ROI technology and services across Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Amazon Advertising for advertisers.

We are designing the best technology for optimization of online advertising investments. We help advertisers and agencies from around the world to advertise in a smart, easy, profitable and scalable way.

Start to build and automate the management of massive SEM campaigns in an easy and fast way with the SEM Structure Builder of RocketROI. Hyper-segment your SEM campaigns into hundreds, thousands, millions of unique keywords by optimizing Quality Scores,% CTR and getting cheaper cost-per-clicks.

RocketROI's bid optimizer, optimizes automatically the economic performance of your campaigns. Customize your profit target or use our default algorithms based on your industry, set your ROI / CPA / CPL targets, and PPC bids for your keywords will be optimized daily for reach the best results in financial terms.

Scale your campaigns in an intelligent and effective way. Empower your bids with return, reduce bids with losses, and pause bids that have reached a defined loss limit automatically. RocketROI optimizer is the insurance of profitability that you needed to scale your campaigns massively, and works great!

With the multichannel technology of RocketROI you can group and compare in a single dashboard all the relevant metrics to make decisions when managing your investment SEM.

The fastest growing technology for Google Adwords optimization (Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing & Video).

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