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Monet Software is a global provider of workforce optimization solutions for contact centers. Monet gives contact centers the solution to their biggest business issues: meeting service levels, delivering high-quality service and controlling payroll costs. We help businesses leverage their workforce investments for efficient deployment of critical resources and effectively manage its people-processes – significantly impacting customer service levels and business profitability.

With Monet’s Cloud-based solution, customers get started and see results within weeks, while avoiding large upfront investments, and time consuming and expensive hard- and software implementation projects. Monet has completely removed the pain, costs and risks of workforce software implementations by offering Monet Live as a service:

-No large upfront investment
-Affordable, low monthly subscription that can be charged on a credit card
-Scalable, server power is provided as you need it (elastic cloud computing)
-Low risk, you an cancel if you are not satisfied

The integrated workforce optimization solutions offered by Monet Software give customers exactly what they want – intelligent and powerful workforce optimization systems that are flexible, highly reliable, easily scalable and affordable.

Contact Centers around the globe rely on Monet Software

Leading companies in the domestic and global contact center industry have come to recognize that their competitive advantage depends on optimization of their workforce. Contact centers across industries choose Monet because of the flexible Cloud-based model, comprehensive functionality, ease of use, low cost and fast setup. From 15 agents to several thousand agents per deployment, from internal use to outsourcing companies, Monet sets the standard for easy, affordable and robust contact center workforce optimization solutions.

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