Tenna offers comprehensive asset tracking software and solutions for the construction industry. Our asset tracking software allows businesses to leverage GPS, LoRa, RFID, QR, and Bluetooth technology to seamlessly track and manage inventory in real-time across job sites.

At Tenna, we offer asset tracking solutions for large, heavy-duty construction equipment, medium-sized equipment to manage exactly what's on each job-site, and small equipment and tools. Our software also allows businesses with large fleets and vehicles an all-in-one platform for fleet tracking.

The Tenna platform offers telematics solutions that also help with preventative maintenance and inventory tracking to ensure businesses find more value in the assets that they currently manage and maintain. Our fleet tracking services can be used by construction firms, waste management firms, the landscaping industry, and any business that needs to more effectively monitor their vehicles.

Tenna's asset tracking software and hardware solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to help businesses get the most out of their assets, effectively monitor their inventory, prepare for preventative and regularly scheduled maintenance, and find more efficiency as they build their bottom line. Our solutions are perfect for businesses in construction, landscaping, waste management, the oil and gas industry, and other industrial businesses.

Learn more about how businesses find more efficiency at https://www.tenna.com/.

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