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"Sigmify is free and the passionate people who made it take the idea of a “fun experience” very seriously. We only charge what really helps your collaboration goals. All our products have no set-up, maintenance, installation and administration needs. Just get started and collaborate to boost productivity.With every task, every meeting, every conversation and every project, one thing keeps on brewing.
It is not work. It is knowledge. Like fresh layers change the way an image can look, every perspective changes the way work can be done! Only when tapped. At Sigmify, we strive hard to capture every single one and extract it when required.

The knowledge base is more than a library of knowledge capsules. It is a moderated pool of ideas, questions, conversations and tickets. One that you can turn to for answers, use to trigger more ideas with popularity votes and use to create a culture of “intrigue” across the organisation. Ask..answer, the range of options for the employees to engage is huge. Eventually, the knowledge base permeates the work culture and becomes an integral part of the growth plan.

Knowledge management can remove dependencies that businesses have been grappling with since ever. From a critical resource being sick / or on holiday to customer service suffering from knowledge gaps. A centralised knowledge repository can help deal with transitions, resolve issues quickly, training and knowledge transfer.

About Sigmify

Setting up processes has always been deemed as the magic formula to attain productivity. However, it is just the first step. That the key to make a process render results and improve productivity lies in the collaboration of all the involved members.

Sigmify not just enables team to collaborate in an easy manner. It also goes one step further by helping you capture insights. Using those insights, this team collaboration tool can be set to work most effectively – Yes! we are talking of automation of key processes like contact management and issues resolution. We strongly believe in effectiveness that can be measured and constantly reviewed.

That’s why Sigmify’s process management software comes with no upfront costs. Team collaboration tools are so vital to day to day productivity that it is pointless to be stuck with one that stops working for your system on any given day. Pay as you go – is our mantra to boost team collaboration in your organisation.

Conquer Every Issue. And Store the Knowledge Forever!
Is your task management team wasting their energy on being information sleuths instead of doing wonders with their skills? Save your team from haggling over information loss or scatter regarding daily issues/tasks.
Sigmify's helpdesk ticketing software keeps everyone on the same page during issue management. Track issues from start to closure without a worry, no matter where you are. Our free mobile app keeps everyone connected!

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Key Features

  • communication management
  • contact management
  • online ticketing system
  • knowledge hub
  • knowledge management system



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