Inovretail is a predictive intelligence software company, hosting multiple advanced analysis algorithms designed to model data for actionable business usage.

Offering specialized solutions top retailers, like Nike, Levi´s, G-Star, Zippy, Modalfa, Worten, Sportzone, among others.

Retail is a complex business with hundreds of internal & external variables to manage. Inovretail mission is to close the gap of predictive problems retailers face and can´t answer, while saving time and money, some examples:
 Can you predict your future sales value with high accuracy? (Above 90% accuracy)
 Can you predict the exact impact – in number - of variables like promotions, holidays, or weather, sport events, among others, have in your day to day sales (decreasing or increasing)?
 Segment your customers or to clusters in a flexible way, while correlating products/basket size per each cluster?
 When creating a promotion, based on your historical data can you do a “what if?” prevision? This is, predict the outcome of the promotion with high precision.

In case you face complications answering above question with precision, this is a great opportunity to have a deeper discussion about our solutions:
 Advanced Forecasting;
 Price & Promo Planning;
 Churn Analytics;
 Stock Optimization;
 Customer Profiling;
 Product Analytics.

Did you know you can reduce 20% stock, while increasing 10% the revenue?

Know your data, own your decision.

Check the future of retail:

Key Features

  • Advance Forecasting
  • Promotion Planning
  • Smart Stock
  • Product and Customer analytics
  • churn analytics



Pricing model:

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