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Cropio is a satellite field management system that facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land and enables its users to efficiently plan and carry out agricultural operations.

Cropio provides real-time updates on current field and crop conditions, determines vegetation levels and pinpoints problem areas, delivers precise weather forecasts and an actual overview of the soft commodity market.

Cropio is able to display the geographical and hierarchical structure of any size of agricultural company in the form of an electronic catalog. The electronic field catalog allows it’s user to control the actual cultivated area of each production season. Using the catalog navigator user can quickly move between farming units.
Electronic field maps are available for download in most common formats (e.g. ESRI shape file, Google KML). The user is able to download the Shape file of an individual field or farm as well as a comprehensive map of the entire farming cluster. The map editor will allow you to edit shape files and manually add new fields directly to your Cropio online account.
Cropio automatically refreshes satellite images for each field on a regular basis using the most up-to-date image processing technology.
High resolution images (15*15 meters per pixel) are available in natural colors, as well as in the form of vegetation maps; this allows the user to control the condition of crops in each field zone and identify abnormalities.
15*15 resolution is sufficient for identifying five meter-wide zones of problem areas on the field and for use of VRA with seven+ meter grid size equipment (e.g. seeders, sprayers, etc.).

Cropio provides accurate meteorological data important for field management and productivity analysis. Meteorological data is refreshed on a daily basis and provides a historical archive for past five years.

Yield forecasting function is available in Cropio provided that your account has been updated with basic historical crop rotation data. Together with ten year historical data on vegetation and weather, collected in Cropio’s database, the System provides a reliable tool for predicting crop yields.

The Cropio system notifies it’s users on the condition of crops and informs of forecasted precipitation. As soon as any abnormal development of vegetation index is detected the system automatically sends an electronic message to its user.

Key Features

  • "Field history"
  • "Harvest forecast"
  • "Soil tests"
  • "Automatic alerts"
  • "Vegetation map"
  • "Soil moisture"
  • "Scouting"



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