Adverity is connecting data from marketing tools and sources across all channels and enables a more efficient reporting, better decision making and an improved marketing performance.

Our clients - both brands and agencies - leverage the platform to manage their data supply chain, generate a clean data stack and create a 360° overview of all their marketing activities as well as a performance outlook of their media channels.

Adverity DataTap is a next generation cloud-based ETL platform. DataTap combines different data streams before normalising the data to allow you to explore new correlations and discover new insights about your marketing performance. With our platform you can integrate adserver data, email data, e-commerce data, retail data, social data, databases and spreadsheets to make quicker decisions based on real data in order to optimise your return on advertising expenditure.

DataTap is equipped with an extensive library of pre-built data connectors including Google Analytics, DoubleClick, AdWords, Facebook, Magento, Shopify, MySql, Oracle and so many more.

A next generation marketing & media ETL platform

-Connect and manage all your data sources in one single platform in the cloud or on-premise.
-Create your own clean data stack with powerful data normalisation, calculation and clean up functionalities.
-Utilise automatically updated and cleaned data in any destination platform or tool.

Marketing data is generated and lives in endless places, from vendors to agencies, from cloud platforms to internal marketing systems. Leverage DataTap as a central interface to manage the data acquisition process from all these sources. Automated, flexible, reliable and secure.

Key Features

  • ETL
  • Data Integration
  • Data Normalisation
  • Clean Data Stack
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Large API Library
  • Data Harmonisation
  • Data Aggregation
  • Every Marketing Data source
  • Data Acquisition



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