Adbeat is focused on building the most comprehensive competitive intelligence platform for display advertising the world has ever seen. At the same time we’re committed to ensuring every screen and report provides real, actionable insights.

Being light years ahead of any other competitive intelligence platform is easy if you know how.
Of course, it's possible we just make it look easy. In reality, it takes massive amounts of data, rich tools for producing insights, and robust, customizable reports that let you export the data that's most important. Discover why Adbeat is the go-to intelligence platform for the world's top advertisers, agencies, and publishers.


It all starts with raw data. Adbeat crawls the web on a massive scale to collect Desktop, Mobile, Native, and Pre-roll ads. Adbeat has data on over 20 different countries and mobile data for 4 different device types.


Turning data into insights is our passion. Every facet of our platform is designed to let our customers find real opportunities.

The Advertiser Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of any advertiser’s media buying strategy. See their most successful publishers, networks, ad types and more. Uncover new traffic sources and placements that are already working for advertisers in your industry, plus estimated ad spend down to the dollar amount.


Valuable reports and automated alerts let you take your insights with you and never miss a trick. Data has never looked this good.

Complete data sets are available in multiple formats including: CSV, PDF, and presentation-ready PowerPoint decks. Create and export actionable reports for clients or your internal team.

Advanced Features

Identify key differences in a competitive set using side-by-side and overlay visualizations. Compare ad spend, share of voice, and other key metrics.

See how your competitor's spending strategy has evolved over time. View daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly data on spend and trends.

Key Features

  • Competitive monitoring, Competitive benchmarking, Reporting



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