Control is a leader in mobile payment analytics and alerts for SaaS, subscription and eCommerce businesses, enabling instant intelligence anywhere via its Android, iOS, and web-based products. Control consolidates data from multiple sources such as PayPal and Stripe to provide real-time revenue and customer information, fraud detection, and key metrics customized to your business type - instantly.

Stop switching between dashboards, exporting spreadsheets, and manually calculating your key business metrics. All of your key Stripe and PayPal metrics, payments, and customers are consolidated into 1 app. No integration or coding work required; your business intelligence is within 1 click.

View your relevant metrics, in real time, from anywhere. View your MRR, new customers, ARPU, and churn rate. Track your key metrics, review historical, and compare performance over specific date ranges.

Set up real-time alerts to be always informed of new sales, new customers, and potentials risks such as customers churning. Distinct audio sounds identify transactions that matter. Works seamlessly with subscription platforms like WooCommerce and Stripe.

Access quick intelligence on your new customers and keep loyal, long-term, high-value customers top of mind. See who’s returning and who’s not, and tailor your marketing messages accordingly. Segment customers by overall value and export to marketing programs to attract like-minded buyers.

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Key Features

  • Instant Business Intelligence
  • Mobile SaaS Metrics
  • Mobile eCommerce Metrics
  • Mobile Subscription Metrics
  • Mobile Fraud and Payment Alerts
  • Aggregated PayPal and Stripe Data
  • Instant Business Intelligence
  • Historical Financial Data
  • Customer Analytics
  • iOS, Android and Web Capability



Starting from:
$19 / month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
14 days


  • Control Dashboard
  • Control Mobile
  • Control Real-Time Revenue Reporting
  • Easy PayPal and Stripe Sign-in

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