Farseer is a business planning tool that enables companies to easily create various business models and simulate their effects on overall business performance.
Our app is designed as a tool used in multi-user environments in real time. It’s easy to add (unlimited) new users and control permissions for existing ones.
All data is automatically synchronized immediately after the entry is made. Equivalent data types go together, and there's no need for formatting and syncing data from different sources.

Due to the Farseer’s hierarchical model organization and simple interface, it’s possible to review an entire company in just a couple of mouse clicks – overall company stats, department level, individual business projects, products, customers etc. Data entry can be automated by connecting Farseer with ERP, BI, CRM, EXCEL, or any other data source that can be relevant for planning processes in your company. Farseer automatically syncs and unifies the data, and by doing so it eliminates problems with multiple document versions, compatibility issues, duplicate entries etc.

The Simulator feature enables users to create complex simulations of an entire company or some of its parts – departments, projects, products.
We’ve developed an intuitive but advanced data tagging system, that enables company-wide collaboration without compromising security and data confidentiality. Using data tags, it’s possible to create extensive, in-depth reports that are available for all relevant users in a matter of minutes. For example, when a KPI table is created, all users will be able to use it, but the data shown in the table will be adjusted to every user’s clearance level automatically.

Key Features

  • Shortened planning time
  • Collaborative planning
  • Automatic data consolidation
  • Easy actuals tracking
  • Business case Simulator



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