n-aos Solutions


n-aos Solutions is an app package that works on high performance n-aos cloud platform. Online applications in this package are designed to increase effectiveness and team collaboration in wide range of organizations, from small businesses and nonprofits to the corporations. All apps are strengthened with Extension builder for creating additional objects. Apps and registers have proven and tested business logic that meets operative and management needs on all organizational levels.

Invoicing app

Module consisting of a cloud database and effective interface for creating, browsing and editing invoices. Except manual creation of invoices, this module has action procedure for copying invoices and procedure for billing - monthly, massive generating invoices from their templates.

Assets app

Fixed assets register with automated lifetime depreciation calculation and depreciation plan generation. Contains extended data sets like land register, cadastre, etc, it is also used as general register for any assets, personal inventory, etc.

Work app

Contains daily work records per employee and the register of active employees. It is also a simple and effective planner for annual leave and non-working days.

Partners register

Partners and Contacts are always needed business registries essential in every line of business, administration or civil activities. Module Partners brings registers for customers, suppliers, institutions, associations, partner individuals or individual entrepreneurs.

Territory register

Contains data for countries, cities and post offices. Also contains local administrative units, such as counties and municipalities of the country. Initially it brings data for 247 countries and more than 900 000 cities.

Extension builder

Extension builder wizards - provides a fast way to enrich your application with custom or previously created objects. It is possible to add objects to surroundings of any main object in application. Generates fully functional object and place it where you need it in few simple wizard steps.

Key Features

  • automated lifetime depreciation
  • entry and exit records
  • automated billing
  • massive generating invoices
  • data centralization
  • Extend app functions



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  • Invoicing app
  • Invoicing app
  • Assets app
  • Work app
  • Work app
  • Territory register
  • Partners register

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