With Eduperks you can create Employee Perks Program focused on learning and knowledge sharing. Stop losing knowledge
and reate an internal knowledge library and keep your know-how within your team. Encourage know-how sharing, introduce a culture of know-how sharing, support mentorship with easy-to-use tool. Reach and attract new employees with a unique educational perks program.

Inside the product you will find:
1) Customized perks portal where you can etup your branded application where your employees can browse meaningful educational perks. Upload a logo, change colors and link your domain.
2) Perks management which allows you to build your Employee Perk Program on the top of the knowledge shared in your organization end external educational resources (trainings, courses, events, books etc.).
3) Knowledge center where you will be able to create an internal knowledge library which can be used by all your employees to improve their skills. Allow your top employees to add their own educational resources.
4) Know-how sharing feature which will allow your employees to collect their favorite educational resources. Encourage direct employee-to-employee knowledge sharing.

The product is available as a SaaS under 1 All-included package where you will get With the all-included package you will get unlimited Educational Perks, unlimited number of Employees, every feature in Eduperks, customizable Perk Portal and ability to connect your domain.

You can try Eduperks for free with 14-day free trial.

Key Features

  • Perks management
  • Knowledge management



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