Mobility Work


Mobility Work is a time-effective and cost-effective next-gen CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), which will help you manage better your team interventions and your maintenance budget.

Cloud-based and available in SaaS mode, Mobility Work offers a new collaborative experience as well as a cutting edge technology. Mobility Work is accessible from any device on all browsers, and available to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, Mobility Work CMMS can be used by all types of industries.

Mobility Work users can start using the software immediately, since it does not require any computing program or training, nor does it require any setting.

Make your maintenance technicians’ daily activities easier with :
- A simplified data entry process;
- An easy access to the latest repairs thanks to the news feed;
- A quick and easy document or spare part search;
- An easy and effective connection to suppliers and service providers;
- An easy and precise data analysis with easy integrated Big Data tools.

Mobility Work is also the first maintenance management platform allowing to connect machine and consumable manufacturers and service suppliers with other industrial players.
The objective is to offer a new form of fair collaboration between maintenance professionals.

Our goal is to allow fair exchanges between technicians and suppliers through our platform, in order to avoid product obsolescence and disinformation, and to allow everyone to express their opinion.

On Mobility Work we have more than 3 million hours of maintenance, 1,600,000 maintenance interventions, about 500,000 machines registered, 13 000 users and the application is available in 9 languages.

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Key Features

  • Equipement search
  • Equipement registration and management
  • Newsfeed
  • Maintenance scheduling management and improvement
  • Document management
  • Data analysis
  • Community-based



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