What is Fair Trak?

Fair Trak is a high-quality employee tracking solution and system safety software. It checks what employees are performing on their systems in addition to safeguarding the company from possible threats such as information shoplifting.

With Fair Trak, organizations are capable of isolating doubtful activities, identify likely safety risks, in addition to track employee output and effectiveness. The application also helps IT safety teams and holders to decrease safety happenings by offering them with real-time notifications and messages.

Fair Trak additionally safeguards company networks via redirecting individuals to secured sites and interfaces. On peak of that, the software also fastens users or different devices it appears to be a risk to the honesty of the organization.

Fair Trak Features

- Reporting

- Tracking

- Blocking

- Alarm

- Screenshots

- Activity Record

As each business has exclusive business needs, it is prudent for them to desist from looking for a one-size-goes-to-all perfect software app. Unnecessary to articulate, it will be useless to attempt to get such an interface even amongst well-liked software apps. The smart thing to do will be to list different significant attributes that need deliberation like main attributes, finances, ability levels of employees, company dimension, etc. Then, you must do your base methodically.

We understand that when you take a decision to purchase Employee tracking software it is significant not only to know how specialists assess it in their evaluations, but also to know if the true individuals and organizations that purchase it are really satisfied with product.

Try FairTrak Software Here: https://apps.fairtrak.com/signup.php

Key Features

  • Easy-to-read Reports, Customizable Screenshots, Website Blocking Feature
  • Powerful Alarms Feature, Invisible Remote Installer
  • Online Offline Tracking, Real-Time Tracking, Easy Setup & Use, Keystroke & Mouse Click



Starting from:
$25 /Month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
No Credit Card Required


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