YUNO is a web data extraction product, deployed entirely on the cloud. It is a highly intuitive GUI based product with SaaS business model.The user pays only for how much he uses the product for.
The product uses chrome browser and chrome extension for setting up the automated web data extraction process.
The user can select data using minimum clicks via the chrome extension GUI, and setup the extraction process.
Once setup is done by the user, (which would involve selecting the web data for extraction using the chrome extension in a chrome browser environment) the user schedules the data extraction process (hourly/daily/weekly).

After this process the user starts getting the data in a consolidated CSV file and HTML format to his email inbox in a scheduled manner until the time he stops the extraction process.
The number of webpages from which the user can extract data is unlimited (the charges would be according to the no. of webpages he wants data to be extracted from).
An agent is the robot which is setup for extraction process by the user (a single agent can extract from 5 web pages simultaneously).

Currently we can extract text and image data(source URL of image in CSV file and actual image in HTML format) and deliver it to the client.
The core data extraction engine is also available via REST API for end users which can be integrated with the other platforms (Eg; marketing/e-commerce platforms) for providing a data extraction experience for the end user by the various web portal companies,if required.

Key Features

  • Automated web data extraction on user defined scheduled basis



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