Tamboo helps take the guesswork out of running an online business by showing you everything your website visitors do!

Tamboo comes with all the tools you need to better understand how people are really using your website, including Visitor Recordings, Heatmaps, Engagement Scores, and Analytics.

With Tamboo's Visitor Recordings, you'll be able to literally watch what people do on your website. See every click, scroll, mouse move, and keystroke your visitors make in a YouTube-like video player - exactly as it happened. Tamboo makes it easy to find and watch recordings of individual pages or of entire visitor sessions. If you've ever wondered how people use or navigate your website, look no further! With Tamboo, you'll be able to see what every one of your visitors does from the second they come to your site to the instant they leave. If you've been scratching your head trying to figure out why people start to take an action (such as signing up or placing an order) but then back out at the last minute, Tamboo can show you that, too!

Tamboo also makes it easy to see the "big picture" of how your site performs across visits. Tamboo's Heatmaps show you every click people make on your website, as well as where they drop off - all in one glorious picture. Unlike other heatmap software, Tamboo's Heatmaps allow you to choose what information you want to see. You can easily customize any heatmap you're viewing, so you can do things like view heatmaps for visits coming from certain traffic sources. If you've ever wanted to compare CTR (Click-Through Rates) between different links or buttons on your pages, you'll love Tamboo's ability to automatically detect and summarize clicks on page elements. Tamboo's Heatmaps also include scrollmaps - so you can see where people "drop off" or stop reading - which helps you see which of your pages are the most (or least) interesting to your visitors.

Tamboo is super easy to install and configure, even if you're not an IT expert. We even have plugins for popular platforms like WordPress that make getting Tamboo up and running on your website a snap.

And because we want to help as many people as possible not only better understand their visitors and customers, but also get the most out of their websites, we've made Tamboo ridiculously affordable. Whether you run one website or many, there's a Tamboo plan for you. And Tamboo makes it easy for you to pay as you go and cancel whenever you like - no questions asked.

If you've been looking to better understand your visitors' behavior, make improvements to your user experience, or find ways to optimize conversions on your website, you should come see what Tamboo can do for you.

Key Features

  • Visitor Recordings
  • Heatmaps
  • Scrollmaps
  • Engagement Scoring
  • Analytics
  • Full video player controls - Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, Scrubbing, Fast Playback
  • Captures webpages exactly as your visitors saw them
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Supports multiple websites with one account
  • Supports secure sites (HTTPS)
  • Doesn't impact or affect site performance
  • Awesome customer support



Pricing model:


  • Visitor Recording Example
  • Session Recording Example

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