RetailFlux provides complete set of retail analytic products with superior accuracy in the form of innovative visualizations.

People Counting
Heat Map
Shopper Flow
Route Map
Zone Analysis
Queue Monitoring

On the other hand, RetailFlux Cloud Suite gathers data from the sites, and it presents easy to understand KPIs for our clients. RetailFlux Cloud Suite is enriched by both web and mobile applications.RetailFlux analytics do not rely on low accuracy and unstable Wi-Fi data. Instead, RetailFlux utilizes in-store cameras in order to extract shopper insights. That is, RetailFlux technology is purely based on video content analysis. As a result, RetailFlux products deliver industry leading data accuracy for all categories.

RetailFlux analytics are compatible with 99% of CCTV hardware. No additional hardware cost is required if you are already monitoring your sites by CCTV cameras.
Analogous to the medical diagnostic tools like X-ray, RetailFlux enables retailers to capture their stores’ health status. RetailFlux takes clear pictures of your stores containing shopper flow, dwell times, store traffic and category penetration rates.
Retail is a dynamic environment, which is highly variable in terms of pricing, product, shopper behaviour and trends. Therefore, constantly testing and optimizing the business decisions are crucial. With RetailFlux, you will have the essential insights to maximize your revenue as well as cutting down redundant expenses.
Product placement and visuals used for merchandising are the major impacts affecting sales. RetailFlux offers you to identify the best and worst places of the store.

As you will have the complete knowledge of category penetration rates, you can even correlate your merchandising strategies with inventory levels and product discounts.

Key Features

  • People Counting Heat Map Shopper Flow Route Map Zone Analysis Queue Monitoring



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