Proximity MX


Proximity MX is a cloud platform that provides location analytics and engagements for physical spaces. It is the only product in market that is OEM’ed by CISCO and used by global brands for multi-country deployments across 1000’s of their properties. Proximity MX leverages WiFi network infrastructure to enable location analytics and digital customer acquisition at-location. It also works with other location technologies such as Bluetooth Beacons, GPS etc and does not need an app installed on the user's device. Proximity MX can engage the user using SMS, Email or push notification or trigger a notification to the business user or system via API, SMS or Email.

It supports two way integration with enterprise CRM/member systems to allow association of users to existing records in the member system and leverage additional information and intelligence available there. Proximity MX interprets user’s position data and maps the activity to the high level business identity of the user, provides filtering and profiling on behavior patterns and provides deep actionable insights. Processed, filtered data can also be ingested into customer BI systems for further analysis.

Using Proximity MX’s customer location analytics data, companies can analyze customer’s at-location behavior patterns and create a much more relevant experience for them. Intelligence is induced by integrating this rich customer behavior data with backend enterprise and CRM systems. The result is the ability to deliver data-driven marketing programs with strong ROI.

Key Features

  • WiFi Analytics
  • WiFi Marketing
  • Location Analytics
  • Location Based Services



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