Overview is an online map creator that offers an easy way to save map points that are customizable and will help you to quickly visualize your customer list, your next trip or your favorite locations.

Since June 2007, has offered an online mapping service where you can add pins to map, visualize, identify, and learn more about, your next trip, or for locating family and friends. This website was one, if not the first, online service to offer a custom Google map that could be shared with other people around the world.

Why Pinmaps?
Our goal is to provide you with the technology and tools to create beautiful maps. Today, Pinmaps has grown to thousands of users, including many large companies. These businesses benefit from its sharing functionality, mobile application to find customers, and that it allows them to easily identify competition to grow sales and assist sales teams.

How can Pinmaps help me reach more customers?
Pinmaps interactive map will help you visually organize your routes, see where your customers are, and quickly reach them. Pinmaps easy-to-use interface enables you to more precisely identify prospects for new sales, learn more about the global opportunities available for your business, serve existing customers, and grow your business.

How is different from Google My Maps?
This service stands out among other, similar services because users can save each map point with its own zoom level and map type. Maps and pins are completely customizable. Pinmaps enables users to assign map properties to each individual pin. Our API allows you to integrate your own in-house software with our mapping system. You can programmatically Geocode client’s addresses and save them to your maps.

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