Mi360 is a marketing analytics tool that is powered by intelligent predictive models. It provides an accurate evaluation of the performance of active marketing campaigns. In addition, it allows to test the effectiveness of marketing models under different scenarios.It generates concise insights that help estimate true returns from your marketing mix across multiple promotional channels. These insights aid the marketers optimize their marketing investment plans throughout the distributed platforms.

Increase Brand Profitability through Predictive Strategies:
Mi360 generates concise and actionable insights for you to estimate the true returns of your marketing mix across each promotional channel. As a marketer, you avail the advantage of a state-of-the-art predictive marketing analytics to optimize the investments.

Get maximum volumes generated from your marketing budgets:
Mi360 equips you with cutting edge analytics to keep you ahead of the game against competing brands. It is a marketing mix modeling at its possible best, along with a detailed dashboard and marketing scenario evaluation. The business specific features simplify the imperative measurement of ROI and marketing effectiveness throughout mainstream and digital marketing mediums and strategies.

Marketing Efficacy and ROI Estimations:
Track performance of the current marketing and promotional tactics through measured audience response and reception for your business and take a step ahead in generating higher ROIs.

Detailed Analytics and Regular Reports:
Stay cognizant of the progress and output for your marketing plans with interactive reports available on dashboards for smooth collaboration within and outside teams, anytime, anywhere, any device.

Planning and Simulation:
Devise innovative marketing plans, simulate most likely results instantaneously, compare plan outcomes, and launch most optimum marketing plans with ultimate conviction.

Insights Unique to Marketing Challenges:
Mi360 evolves from an understanding that every brand is faces a very unique set of challenges emanating from the category or the target groups, and neither the market dynamics are consistent across geographies. It breaks down the brand marketing insights at product – market levels to help you channelize your efforts across the right areas for maximum gain from the marketing.

How it Works?
Mi360 is a comprehensive and customizable analytics solution built to evaluate your brand’s marketing effectiveness and ROI estimates.
Data sources, both internal and external, are integrated to an advanced predictive modeling platform to generate robust marketing insights for your business.

Data Aggregation: We accumulate sales, marketing, promotional and external data for the category over a common platform. We make use of syndicated volumetric data, media research data, and macro-economic data to build an all-inclusive database that impact your business.

Predictive Modelling: We leverage the comprehensive database to develop predictive models as per the specific brand challenges and market dynamics and generate actionable insights from there. We use state-of-the-art Bayesian modeling to generate most granular and robust estimates

Real Time Online Solution: The data, analytics and insights are compiled, sorted, and presented in the comprehensive web based solution - Mi360. We, then make these accessible to your team to collaborate from anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Application Management: We manage the upkeep of the system application to provide you uninterrupted control of your analytics and insights. We update the data, refresh models as frequently as we get it to ensure that your marketing insights are latest forever.

Measure real-time and scenario-based ROMI performance:
Mi360 develops brand specific marketing performance analytical reports and presents them across the interactive dashboards in a collaborative, comprehensive, and visually advanced format for you to conveniently interpret and answer all marketing queries that prevail with respect to your marketing and promotional mix.

Key Features

  • ROI estimations
  • Roi measurement tools
  • Interactive dashboard reports
  • Customizable analytics solution
  • Marketing performance analytical reports
  • Advanced predictive modeling
  • Advanced predictive modeling platform



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