LINKCheetah helps you monitor your hard-earned links so that you can track your link building efforts with ease. Check out if your backlinks are indexed in Google, and how many of them are dofollow. LINKCheetah will also show you how many referring domains you have for each of your individual pages on your website and which anchor texts have been used. LINKCheetah is built by SEO professionals to that you can beat that your website can outrank the competition.

Has Google found and indexed my backlinks?
LINKCheetah is properly the fastest tool to answer just that. Our robot will perform a query on all your backlinks each day, or upon your request and tell you if Google has found it, thus attributing value to it or not. It's vital that Google has actually found and do count your backlinks for you to increase your SERP visibility.

Are my backlinks dofollow or nofollow?
You are soon to find out! LINKCheetah crawls all your backlinks each day, and check whether it is:
- Still there (We will see if the link is lost or still live)
- Dofollow or has a nofollow attribute
- Found and indexed by Google

Gathering all this data enables you to filter backlinks to your website by e.g. "All dofollow links not found in Google" and work on letting Google know about those links. Our research shows that working on just that, will give you a huge ranking boost.

How are my backlinks distributed to my website?
It is important to get backlinks to all your important pages, not only just to keep a "natural link profile", but also to rank multiple pages in Google. Since LINKCheetah will have all your backlinks (from external source, Google Analytics or submitted manually by you), you will see the complete overview of how your backlinks are distributed with LINKCheetah. You will even see the percentage of "Dofollow" vs. "Nofollow" and whether or not Google has indexed backlinks pointing to each page.

All your backlinks in one place
Since LINKCheetah imports- and syncs data from multiple external resources, your Google Analytics account and also enables you to upload links manually you get the COMPLETE overview of your link profile in one place. You won't just see a fraction your backlinks, but EVERYTHING which you don't get with other tools around.

LINKCheetah is designed to keep track of your backlinks, which we do a really good job at, but don't take our word for it, try it free for 7 days today.

Key Features

  • Google index check
  • Monitor backlinks
  • Disavow bad links
  • Auto discover new/lost links
  • Backlink distribution overview



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