Bizintel360 is a cloud based self service analytics solution that helps business users get real-time insight without need for complex It infrastructure, Data Warehouse, ETL etc. Users can connect both structured and unstructured data and generate reports and visualizations on the Bizintel360 Dashboard.

Bizintel360 is a cloud based data discovery analytics product which enables companies to gain actionable insight from large volume of data, variety of data and with velocity of data. In today’s digital world, data is generating very rapidly and with wide variety like structured (Databases, excel, xml) and unstructured (images, videos, text, logs, flat files and social media). To get insight from these varied data sources, the process is very complex, labor and time intensive.
Bizintel360 helps business users to connect data of various sources and expose critical trends, metrics, and insights in the form of charts and graphs that enable business users at all levels to make key business decisions. This is very helpful to make decisions from operational level to strategic level. Its powerful search engine capability helps business users to ask question to system with various keywords to get real insight from varied data source and make relationship between islands of data sources.

Bizintel360 provides business ready analytical application that enables companies to implement quickly with limited risk and at a fraction of the cost required to build traditional business intelligence or analytical solution. In addition, Bizintel360 works with all enterprise data source like RDBMS Databases (Oracle, mysql, MSSQL, Teradata, and Salesforce), social media data sources, flat files like xml, html, csv, pdf, logs, txt etc

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  • Cloud based, data visualization, search engine, data lake, Self service, Big data Analytics, Low TCO, Fast Go-Live,



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