AVORA is a smart reporting platform, which has over 300+ connectors so you can connect every data source your company has, a powerful visualisation layer that anyone can use, anomaly detection to monitor your business 24/7 and Smart Alerts to ensure the right alert is delivered to you at the right time.

Starting with connecting your data sources, it's simple to add as many as you wish and there are over 300 to choose from. If AVORA does not have the connector you require, they will build it for free so there really is no limit to the data.

A very easy to use interface allows anyone in the company to instantly dig in to the data or just simply automate all the excel reporting.

One of the key features of AVORA is that the language used is SQL so if you are an advanced user, you can switch in to SQL mode and write anything as complex as you wish.

Once you have built your reports, it's easy to invite all your colleagues or even create special access dashboards to be shared with clients/suppliers.

On top of this, as soon as your data is connected, our Anomaly Detection platform will start analysing your data and look for instant insights but with Smart Alerts, AVORA will let you know if it finds something unusual.

AVORA also has root cause analysis built in, this is going to tell you the top 10 drivers as to why your KPIs are moving, for example, why are sales going down.

AVORA also comes with a mobile app, which is particularly useful for those Smart Alerts.

AVORA comes with a free 30 day trial

Key Features

  • real-time
  • anomaly detection
  • smart alerts
  • self service
  • unlimited data
  • collaboration
  • sql



Starting from:
£30 per user/month
Pricing model:



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