AccountJoy is an Account Based Marketing (ABM) tool, backed by Big Data and Machine learning. It's a self-service display advertising platform for SMBs to simplify marketing to their B2B clients.

With AccountJoy, marketers can use our platform to identify right fit accounts (i.e. people/companies who would be perfect to use company's product) and engage decision makers in them with custom display advertising. By matching emails to corresponding cookies/deviceIDs, we create custom segments and then run targeting display campaigns through our DSP platform. It also assists with focused-marketing to specific sets of accounts (companies) you’d want to target via Drip Email Campaigns and Re-targeting.

Traditional B2B marketing is about casting a wide enough net and hoping to catch enough fish. With AccountJoy, we use Account Based Marketing to maximize the marketing dollar by focusing on the people that matter.

With our software, we make it extremely simple for companies of all sizes to be able to setup and run a laser focussed marketing campaign in under 15 minutes.

Accountjoy has a database of over 4 million companies, and 300 million individuals which you can access to filter your target accounts and find decision makers. If your candidates aren’t in our database, we'll find them for you.

Targeted display advertising is just the beginning. SaaS companies need an efficient and affordable sales and marketing automation platform. Currently, that doesn't exist and instead is served by cobbling together solutions from many players and trying to connect them together using services like Zapier.
Defining and creating your ICP, profiling your existing clients, generating lists of prospect accounts and individuals, going outbound via email, phone, display advertising, social, and on and on is now accomplished in a time-consuming and haphazard manner.

That's where AccountJoy comes into play.

Key Features

  • Account Based Marketing
  • Drip Email Campaign
  • Display Advertisements



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