Why you need a hosted Email archive solution in the cloud?

The cloud-based email archiving solutions are one of the options used by the business organizations to effectively bring the resources into action. This particular option is the most preferable one being the most compliant, efficient and integrative way to maintain free space on the servers of emails. It is not surprising to know that almost 80 per cent work in business is stored in the form of emails as it is the best way to preserve the documents that have been scattered in different places on the desktops, mobile phones, temporary storage devices and mail servers. All the information can be accessed centrally and hence, you do not need to worry about finding the relevant information and discarding the unimportant ones.

Let us look at the advantages of cloud email archiving that an organization or a business firm may get by using it which are mentioned below:

1.    Security of information and availability of data

To maintain the continuity in a business without any hindrance, the safety and security of the data are very much essential. You may also archive your email in the cloud by duocircle for storage of your data safely and thus, you won’t be losing any data if you have stored it in the cloud. This also facilitates the storage of the unused data separately so as to create space for the actively used data.

Also, it aids in getting the emails recovered very fast and enhances your productivity due to the automaticity in creating data backups and fluency in the mail handling.

2.    The management of emails becomes easier

The conventional methods of email management are less productive as the data handling strategies were quite cumbersome in a sense of usage of tools for backup, storage, processing of emails etc. also, the information with these methods are done in a chronological manner which makes it almost impossible to find the desired information.

On the other hand, cloud-based email archiving provides novel solutions in terms of creating infinite storage on the cloud as well as enhances the durability of the data by creating a duplicate of the data strategically.

The overall information is stored on the basis of the index and can be accessed in real time from the very beginning to the latest data. Therefore, this saves your maximum time and thereby increases your productivity.

3.    The data theft can be prevented

The significant business losses can occur if the email data theft takes place and the traditional backup tools are not so efficient. Rather cloud exchange archiving helps in lowering the theft risk by any employee or the outer source. The utmost important thing is that archiving of the data should be done immediately so that the restoration of mails becomes easier in case some hacker or any employee does any maligned thing with the data.

The tamper-evident audit trails are also one of the efficient tools that are used for dealing with frauds. It helps in accessing the data of an email and also aids in the identification of any malicious activity. In absence of authorization with alteration of data, the data gets restored, therefore; the integrity of the data is maintained.

4.    Enhances the performance of primary storage and scale

The enterprises are allowed to store the previous email data for a specific period of time. The average size of an email has been increased from 22KB up till 350 KB.

Here, the recent mail data can be accessed on the live storage space whereas the old data can be stored in the cloud storage space where it can be accessed whenever necessary. This reduces the pressure on the servers as they now will have to handle only a lesser amount of data and enhances the working efficiency of the organization.


The bottom line is that Cloud archiving solution has been a wonderful solution and is in use since more than a couple of years. It helps in providing the quick search and aids the employees in finding the relevant content within a couple of seconds. You may get access to the emails of an employee from any location. The flexibility in its functioning, the efficiency, enhanced productivity, increased compliance and durability are the factors that make this solution the most desirable to the businesses and enterprises.

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