Ways Of Getting Your Business Known Through Social Media

Building a social media presence for your small business can feel scary. After all, you’re putting your business front and center in front of the world. But there’s no need to stress over creating a brilliant social media campaign or attracting billions of followers. Instead, focus on these stress-free ways to build a social media presence for your small business.

1. Pick Your Platform

Social media websites are plentiful. And you might feel overwhelmed when faced with so many options. The key is to determine which social media websites you want to target. It’s easier to create a finely-tuned social media campaign when you start with two or three highly-targeted websites. You can always expand your reach later. The social media website best for your business depends on your profession and your customers. Avoid social media platforms that your customers or potential customers are unlikely to use. Use your research skills to discover which websites are popular with your audience.

For example, does your small business sell fashions created by young designers? If so, you might want to consider creating an Instagram account. Instagram is used by people of all ages, but it’s especially popular with young people looking for new fashion trends. Instagram is also a good platform for posting photos and short videos that encourage followers to comment. A website development firm could create a YouTube channel and share website design and development tips with their audience. A gym could use Twitter or Facebook to share exercise tips, tips on healthy living, and more.

2. Reach Out to Your Target Audience

Influencer marketing is often an effective method for building your social media brand. And once you know how to use influencer marketing in your business, you will see your audience grow. Influencer marketing is often misunderstood as simply working with celebrities. But most influencers aren’t famous celebrities. They are specialists who have a wide audience of followers who value their opinions. And if an influencer can show their audience how you can help improve their lives, then that’s great for your social media brand.

There are several ways in which an influencer can help your business. For example, an influencer could make a video or blog post highlighting your service or product. You see this often on YouTube with makeup tutorials and reviews. An influencer could also promote your business on their own social media platforms. For example, having an influencer with thousands of followers share one of your blog posts would generate considerable traffic. And yet another way to benefit from this marketing method is by guest posting on an influencer’s website. A guest post with a link back to your website or social media page could also generate significant traffic. The key is to connect with an influencer who has the audience you want to reach.

3. Treat Social Media Like a Community

Your followers want to believe that you care about them. And the worst way to achieve this is by treating social media as nothing more than an advertising platform. Many small business owners make this mistake. They bombard their followers with advertising, and never share information that followers would enjoy just because it’s funny or interesting. You’re a business owner. And you need to promote your business, but it’s possible to overdo it and drive your audience away. It’s best to provide a mix of promotional content and content-based content.

Promotional content blatantly talks about your service or product. But content-based information is sharing an interesting article or discussing a relevant event. You could even ask a question to get an idea about how your audience feels about a certain issue. Engage your audience so they feel you’re not just on social media to advertise.

4. Create Shareable Content

Your followers are likely to share content that they think is valuable. And each time a follower shares your content, that increases your chances of gaining new followers. So this means you should always provide value to your followers. Just because you’re representing a business, doesn’t mean your social media is dry and devoid of entertainment. It’s ok to make your followers laugh. Share a heartwarming video that will make your followers laugh or shed a sentimental tear. Tell them something useful that they might not know about. In short, provide beneficial content that your audience is likely to share.

5. Follow a Posting Schedule

It takes effort to create good social media content. You’re unlikely to provide high-quality content if you randomly create posts on just about anything that pops into your head. Without organizing it’s easy to become repetitive and boring. Or you could post so rarely that your audience loses interest. Organizing helps keep your social media posting on track. Following a social media schedule is fairly easy. All you need is a regular calendar and some ideas. Look at the calendar and plan your posts in advance. For example, you might have a calendar for Twitter. On Monday you might share a useful link to an article, and on Tuesday you might post a funny video.

How often you post is up to you. But some marketing professionals recommend posting 5 times per week on Facebook, 3 to 5 times per day on Twitter, and one time per day on LinkedIn. You might want to hire a dedicated social media manager to keep your social media accounts on the right track.

6. Monitor Mentions of Your Business and Address Concerns

It’s relatively easy to track what people say about your business on social media. You could receive mostly positive feedback, which is great. But it’s also possible that you’ll discover someone who dislikes your business, has had a bad experience or just doesn’t have anything positive to say. But that’s good too, and here’s why. Paying attention to negative feedback gives you a chance to improve your business. And by monitoring what people are saying, you’ll have a chance to stop a problem from getting out of control. You can offer a public apology and contact the unhappy follower in private to solve the problem. This shows your followers that you care about what they say, you read their comments, and that you care about providing good service.

Build Your Social Media Presence

If your business isn’t on social media, then you’re missing a great opportunity. No other platform gives you the potential to directly connect and interact with your customers.

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