Ways to Convince a Doctor to Stay in a Medical Company

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Physicians will most likely search for opportunities where they can serve those who are in need and also earn money. It takes money and effort to become a doctor, so it’s natural for physicians to grab the best possible opportunity that comes their way. It means that even if you already work with some of the best doctors in a hospital that you run, there’s still a chance that you could lose them. You can prevent it from happening by doing these things. 

Provide flexible working hours

You don’t want to put too much pressure on physicians. They’re already working hard to help patients. Providing flexible working hours is the least you can do to help them somehow relax at work. Besides, the hospital isn’t necessarily the most relaxing work place. You will lose your top physicians to hospitals with a better work environment. 

Offer a more competitive salary

You have to check how much other hospitals and clinics in your area are paying. It will indicate if the amount you’re paying is good enough. Perhaps, you can’t retain your quality doctors because you don’t pay the same amount offered by other companies. It’s also an insult to doctors who spent a lot to become an expert in their field to not get an amount commensurate with their abilities. 

Reduce other tasks

Some hospitals require doctors to deal with tons of paperwork or attend lots of meetings. Some of these tasks are unnecessary. Perhaps, you can ask someone else to do the job. If there are non-doctors in the team who can perform the same job, you can ask them to do it. 

Provide opportunities for growth

Medicine is a field that continues to evolve. It means that whatever physicians learned in med school might require regular updates. You have to give opportunities to learn in whatever way the physicians deem best. It could be through a conference, webinar, or further studies. You have to be supportive in these endeavors since the hospital will eventually benefit from the knowledge obtained by the physicians. 

Hire a physician recruiter 

Before you even think about how to retain quality physicians, you need to think about the hiring process. It’s crucial that you have a physician recruiter who will help you convince doctors to work with you. They also have a pool of doctors in their database to contact if you ever require the service. 

The medical field is a competitive market and you can’t afford to lose doctors that you consider an asset in your team. Besides, replacing doctors after they leave would be a huge disaster. You have to start over again. Since the team is understaffed, everyone else might have to work more to cater to the needs of the patients. 

It helps if you start to change the culture in the hospital and make physicians feel at home. They might decide to stay even if there are other job opportunities available.

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