Top 4 Marketing Tools for Pro Instagram Strategies in 2018

2018 is coming to its end. So it’s time for summing up the results of the year and deciding on the best SMM tools for Instagram 2018. We’ve prepared a short overview of the most helpful marketing tools. Their usage will combine in a logically completed Instagram promotion chain. And the possibilities allow making a great commercial or personal Instagram account.

  1. Smart promotion. Ingramer.

  2. Analysis of competitors. Popsters.

  3. Non-traditional design. Canva.

  4. Сontent calendar. Parasite


Price: $34 per month

Ingramer is an Instagram automation bot that helps in Instagram account promotion. The advertising on Instagram may have a really huge price compared to the 34 bucks per month for all Ingramer all-in-one tool.

I know, you are all scared of the ban and fear any Instagram bots. But the developers provide a smart algorithm, so you will never get any ban. It imitates human behavior with the intervals for the active and passive usage time. And it also adheres to any up-to-date IG limitations for the number of actions.

The main functions are:

  • auto like

  • auto follow

  • auto unfollow

  • direct messages

  • scheduled posting

  • hashtag generator (for free)

The most effective tools for IG promotion function correctly. The secure service easily covers it’s expenses and saves a huge amount of time.  

Any example?

  1. Go to and log in with your email.

  1. Go to Dashboard and click to Targeting section.

  2. Pick the type of promotion. You can improve your account promotion via hashtags, location or username.

Hashtag promotion is a smart algorithm production of the most viral and effective hashtags for your IG account.

Promotion via Location assumes interacting with other users, who make publications in a definite place. We recommend experimenting with diverse locations and choosing the most convertible locations.

If you analyze your business opponents, you might find a great number of useful and available fans. By the help of Username promotion, we can quickly interact with this audience. If you add usernames of the chosen accs the smart Ingramer algorithm will interact with your potential target audience.

Plus there are special filters for Username promotion. You can choose who is the most interesting for you: followers, following, people who like account photos or people, who comment account publications. The Ingramer Username promotion is a very powerful tool for reaching your target audience.

Price: $9.99 per month.

Popsters is an online assistant that brings to light the users key interest of any community. The service analyses the efficiency of publications, searches the posts by hashtags and provides information about the best time to post. Plus you have a possibility to spy on your rivals and easily find their viral publications.

Popsters service works with a huge amount of SM-networks: Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and VK. Popsters is the widest service for searching “tasty” and viral content. It also gives smart analytics for your community and gives some thoughts about the changes in your content calendar. There’s one more interesting advantage: Popsters can trace the interest to the company by its hashtags.


Any example?

  1. Go to and log in with any social network you have.


  1. You can add pages for analysis by hand, URL or just use a hashtag.

  1. Hm, let us see what posts are the most viral on Mariah Carrey’s IG page. All I want for Christmas is you, you know?


  1. It will take a little time for analysis. By the way, you can add as many profiles for analysis as you want. Popsters can provide wide analytical data collected from the most successful resources of your target audience.


  1. Here we go! Check the best time to post, and scroll down to see the most viral posts of the account. Long story short, enjoy!



Price: Free. You may pay only for selected content.

Canva is a multifunctional designer platform. It’s the best semi-free tool that helps to create and post-edit any visual content. You can make banners for social media networks, posters, logos, presentations covers and many more advertising design pieces you need.

Canva is not only an online graphics assistant. Lots of professional designers enrich the service collection with high-quality illustrations, layouts, and photos. Plus there is an online school of design. People may take part in topical workshops and read relevant publications. Mobile phone lovers will be pleased to know about Canva free app. It allows creating a cool design with a pad or mobile telephone.


Any example?

Let us put a very simple case of creation simple publication for Instagram.


  1. Go to and sign up/log in to the service.

  1. Pick the type of publication. The service will size the design you need.

  1. Select any layout or upload your own picture.

  1. Select the lettering and type the information required.

  1. Download the picture.

And voila! The perfect and high-quality design is ready!


Price: $9 per month

Parasite is one of the best assistants that present scheduled posting on IG. It’s really simple and clear for every user. Apart from its main function, it gives analytics and easy-to-use direct messages tool.

Despite the interface, there are many benefits of the service. I must admit, that it’s very fast and reliable. Plus it has interesting options like “first comment” or “patterns”. The first one will help to post huge amounts of text (it will be divided into the first comments of the publication). And the second one will save your time, coz you can add customized patterns (in case you have lots of typical publications).

Any example?

The service is absurdly simple. So behold the most simple “how-to”!


  1. Go to and sign in with email

  1. Connect your IG account.



  1. Start planning! :)

The complex usage of the presented tools makes every SMM performance striking. Because you have all you need to reach the target audience fast and purposefully. You analyze the opponents by Popsters, create publications by Canva, adjust smart promotion with Ingramer and plan all publications with Parasite. The tools don’t cost a fortune, but they save money that could be spent on non-convertible decisions and time, that is required for manual promotion and posting.

Do you have your preferred tools for SMM in 2018?

Leave your answers in the comment section below

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