Tips to Avoid Most Common Cyber Security Mistakes

In this digital era, a company should never take the risk of ignoring the security of their websites. People tend to give security an afterthought, which should never happen in the first place. The priority of any business should be protecting their data from external attacks that leads to loss of sensible information, employee theft, and vandalism. To handle security issues, one ought to follow specific procedures and protocols to ensure that all the facets remain secure. In most instances, these procedures may be quite hectic especially if one does not have some background knowledge on IT.

As a beginner in business, it is important to note that most of the cyber-crimes that happen are always prevented through necessary IT information. Unfortunately, human beings are the primary source of cybercrimes as they tend to make small mistakes that trigger these attacks. As a result of that, this article will educate you on security mistakes that happen every day, and how to remedy these situations.

1. Ruling yourself out from the possibility of an attack

Provided you own a website, always know that hackers can pick on you any time. Never make the mistake of thinking that your site is hidden from them. Once they see an opportunity, there is no turning back. The hackers attack unprotected website regardless of their sizes. To avoid such attacks, always take precaution and protect your site.

2. Not testing security

Never install security on your computer without testing how it works. It is always recommendable to try the security to see how it will work in your absence. With internet devices all over, it increases the risk of breaching relevant information through simple undetected mistakes. However, you can mend this by performing different tests such as automated vulnerability testing.

3. Failure to locate data

Data is the lifeblood to your company. Failure to protect your data can lead to loss of the company and breach of client's information in general. You not only need to keep your data safe but also the paths leading to the recovery of that vital information. offering MySQL backup is a solution you should consider whenever you need advanced data backup and security.

4. Ignoring training

As a company, you might have employed the best team in the market. However, some of them are quite ignorant, and they will sit and watch as things unfold in front of them. Some staff may not differentiate between the minor and severe problems which might bring issues to your business. For this reason, always take them for training since their CV's might lie. Taking risks in your security can be the downfall of your business.

5. Failure to disclose a cyber-breach

When Equifax attack happened, the owners stayed silent over the matter and failed to inform their customers and audiences. In a while, a lot of damage was done on them as it resulted in identity theft of sensitive information. By the time the breach was reported, irreversible damage had already been done. Unfortunately, this is something that could have been prevented but staying mum worsened the situation.

6. Failure to create a reactionary strategy

As a company, you should not always focus on the bright side of things. Always ensure that whenever a breach of security happens, you have ways to counter the attack. Never be confident about your security as mistakes happen along the way, giving a window for an attack. Don't be the company that stays defenseless in case of such misfortunes.

7. Failure to monitor

When it comes to security, it doesn't matter whether the company relies on BYOD personal devices or devices issued by the company. The ultimate fact is that you should always have a tool to monitor the operations. These tools are capable of recording all the happenings when a user logs in regardless of whether you are offline or online. With the monitoring tools, you have the power to trace unauthorized entries and other malicious acts on your company and their sources. The tools are automated thus one detects as soon as possible and not hours after an attack.


Most people commit cyber mistakes unknowingly, especially if they are not trained by their company. Some of the reasons for cyber-attacks are the open windows that are left open unintentionally. These mistakes will always cost you indefinitely thus the more reason to avoid them as early as now.

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