Team Morale Is Everything: Should You Incentivize Your Employees?

If you're trying to get the most motivated team possible in your business, then you're in the right place. One method in creating an employer branding strategy is to think according to the perspective of your employees. How can one get motivated at his job and continue to be productive in the workplace? The reality is, a well-motivated team is one that does better work. Not only that, but your staff turnover should also be lower and there are a ton of other benefits for your business from keeping your staff happy with their current situation. Sometimes, you might need to offer the right incentives to your staff to keep them motivated and moving in the right direction. In this article, we're going to look at a few key motivation techniques to boost morale in your workplace, along with when and how to give the right incentives.

Higher morale could improve productivity

It's as simple as that, and it's the number one reason why business managers want to improve morale. It's probably why you're reading this article. The happier your staff are, the more likely they'll be to work hard and stay employed at your business.

When someone gets up to go to work, they want to be heading to a workplace they enjoy and one that's rewarding them effectively. If your employees have low morale, they'll take off more days "sick" and they simply won't work as hard when they are there.

While a happy workplace will be more productive, you still want to make sure you keep thing professional. If you create an environment with too many distractions or one that doesn't place work at the front of people's priorities, they might produce less. So you need to create an enjoyable workplace environment where people are encouraged and rewarded for the work they put in. How do you do it? Let's have a look...

How to improve morale in the workplace

If you're looking for a few tips to improve morale and therefore productivity, here they are:

Sales-based incentives

If you've got a team of salespeople, make sure they get the right incentives to selling. If that means a cut of the profits, then so be it. People go to work to earn money, so if you can find the right balance to keep them motivated, then do it. Your salespeople should know that the hard work they put in will have a direct impact on how much money they take home. Just make sure you train them well and pick the right staff so that they're not too pushy and desperate for that sale.

For your non-sales employees, you can still offer financial incentives. Give them a reason to work towards a bigger goal, and a share if the company does well each month. Try and make sure they have opportunities to upsell or at least pass leads to your sales team and make sure they're rewarded for doing so.

Customer feedback

When your customers say something good about your staff or business, make sure your employees know about it. Print up emails and pin them on the wall if you have to. Your staff will want to know when they're being praised.

Employer feedback

Make sure your managers and senior staff keep telling their team members when they've done a good job. Keep reinforcing things positively.

Team building

Take your whole team out on team-building trips to get everyone bonded and working in the same direction. They can also help break up the monotony of everyday work life.

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