Reduce Paycheck Questions with HR and Payroll Software

A reliable payroll software program should benefit a company beyond simply offering better management of employee hours and paychecks. While these are the core features that should come with a basic payroll software program, it shouldn’t be the “be-all, end-all” for its progress. 

Most programs nowadays come with many features designed to improve workplace efficiency and to simplify the way that payroll processes are carried out. With these features and how in-depth the process can get, payroll systems are so much more transparent. As a result, employees can monitor their own payroll accounts. This means slashing the downtime brought upon by numerous questions from employees about their pay. Employees will also have access to vital information like tax withholdings and be able to make changes to their personal info themselves if needed.

Reducing Payroll Questions 

Many payroll programs have a dedicated employee portal feature that allows all employees on the company’s payroll to sign up for an account on the payroll system. With this account employees are able to: 

  • view their paycheck totals 

  • view various withholdings including those related to income taxes 

  • see insurance premiums 

  • check overtime 

  • monitor vacation pay

  • view sick leave accrued

  • calculate retirement funds

  • determine pay period schedules

The features aren’t limited to those, however, as employees are also able to make copies of paychecks, print tax information, and determine how and why their paychecks were totaled a certain way during a pay period.  

With these helpful features, employees do not have to wait for an appointment with the HR department to clarify inquiries about their paychecks or make changes to their employee accounts. Needless to say, this will save both yours, the HR department’s, and your employees’ time.

Valuable Time Saved


Not only do self-service features empower a company’s workforce and keep workers informed about their employment files, but they also allow the HR department to invest their time in more important tasks. Instead of spending valuable time answering easy employee account inquiries, HR personnel can direct employees to the appropriate channels. Of course, the implementation of this software might require your employees to go through quick training in order to familiarize themselves with it, but the payoff in efficiency moving forward should be worth it.

Additionally, with the use of employee self-service portals, employees can monitor their information, make changes, and print documents anytime from any device. With businesses that have multiple shift changes per day, it can be a hassle for evening and night shift workers to speak with the HR department when the need arises. However, with the use of HR and payroll software, fixing an issue or determining the answer to a payroll question or come up with a solution for a payroll problem can be accomplished with any schedule. 

The transparency available with employee payroll programs can help eliminate the confusion that often surrounds pay periods and check totals. Your employees will also appreciate you for the transparency and availability of info surrounding their paycheck. Self-service portals typically make all of the factoring information concise and easy to understand. This way, HR does not have to deal with so many paycheck concerns. If a genuine mistake occurs, HR can remedy the situation quickly and appropriately. Of course, the HR department should still be prepared to solve any problems that the Payroll software won’t be able to answer.

The human resources and payroll departments are often among the busiest in a company at any given time, especially during pay week, and if the company is still utilizing manual payroll calculations. By introducing the use of payroll software, HR and payroll staff can improve their efficiency and ensure correct calculations, which significantly reduces their time - and stress - spent determining correct paycheck totals. With less time spent making repetitive calculations, payroll, and HR departments can invest optimal focus in the most important aspects of their work. 

With added care and better time management, paycheck calculations will become easier to understand and fewer inquiries will arise as a result.

Final Thoughts

With that, you should now be more aware of how essential an optimized HR and Payroll software is to your company compared to a bare-bones one. Not only will it provide everyone in your company with the right tools to be able to gather information about their payroll themselves, but it will also make everyday operations easier and more efficient. The people at HR will be able to focus their day-to-day on other vital tasks when your employees are equipped with exactly what they need. 

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