Possible Benefits of Drone Delivery

Drones have been used for many purposes and there are certain types of drones that can be used for home delivery. Companies such as amazon prime are using them to deliver packages. Amazon Prime Air also encourages other companies to get into this technology. It helps the company to reduce the delivery time. Amazon has set up some algorithms that anticipate with the customer’s order and a drone pick the parcel from the warehouse and deliver to the doorstep. But this service is only available to the customers that are living close to the warehouse.

When this service comes it in late 2013, it faces criticism but still, it is in the action. 86% of the amazon’s order is less than or equal to 5 pounds. Now, this technology is becoming a game changer in the industry. If you are living near a warehouse, you can expect the delivery in 30 minutes. Another thing that the customer need is to have a landing pad with a home beacon in their property. The maximum range of amazon prime air is 15 miles which means it can deliver in the radius of 7.5 miles to the center of the warehouse. Check www.outstandingdrone.com for the reviews of all types of drones.


There can be following benefits of drone delivery:

Time Management

The human delivery system can face many problems during parcel delivery such as confusing traffic, lazy driver etc. By using the drone, the humans can only focus on the order fulfillment and customer care while the drones deliver the product.

Prompt and Safe Delivery

There is a problem with drone delivery, for example, you are not at home when the package arrives. There is a chance that someone will tamper with your package or steal it. Because your package is left on your doorstep when nobody is watching it. But there is a solution, with drone delivery you can set the time of delivery when you are at home. The drone will come at this time and will deliver the package. In this way, you do not need to call the courier company for the claim. It is very difficult to get a refund from the company as it has all the record of package delivery.

Another benefit is that your package will reach to you in good condition. Because there is not any person who is delivering the parcel. The delivery by personnel can face many dangers while delivering. As the drones are flying in the air and they do not face any kind of traffic so there are fewer chances that your package will get damage.

Better for The Environment

When your package leaves the warehouse, it spends most of its time on the road. The transport used for delivering this package emits fossil duels that are used for energy. These fossil fuels are dangerous for the environment. On the other hand, drones use a safe source of energy and by ordering via drone delivery you are contributing to saving your atmosphere from greenhouse gasses.

Promote Ecommerce

E-commerce is becoming very famous and many people are ordering online. But there are still some men who browse the products online and then buy them by their selves in a mortar and brick store. The main reason is that people are not confident that their product will come to them in good condition. The delivery companies have not yet perfected their services in last years.  Another reason is the delivery time, the package deliver through takes time to reach to you. By using a drone, you can be sure that your product will come on time and in good condition.

Moreover, when you are driving to the store for buying a product it means you do not believe the delivery. Some people who are ordering expensive things always have the fear of theft. But with the drone delivery, you can be sure that the chances of the package getting lost are slim.

Drones Are Cheaper

The cost of package delivery is very high because of the rising gas prices, cost of cars and the pay of the delivery personnel. With drone delivery, all of these costs reduce and that is why it is cheaper than any delivery service.

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