Performing arts events are driving the growth of event management as a service market

They said that performing arts would become obsolete, but time proved the exact opposite. Despite the popularity of TV and the Internet, the arts are standing more robust than ever. Performing arts are paramount to modern society because they encourage self-discovery and expression; they teach us about history and culture, not to mention that they build good habits of mind. Not many people know that this art form is driving the growth of event management as a service market.

Event management as a service is a branch of SaaS (software-as-a-service) technology aimed at the events industry. It comprises various software products used for the management of events, trade exhibitions, conferences, and so on. These tools have the advantage of multiple deployment methods. Generally speaking, organizations choose SaaS technology to keep costs, as well as IT involvement down. The events management software industry is driving growth through the performing arts. There is a favorable market for vendors who can derive consistent customer satisfaction.

Performing arts aren’t closing their doors 

The arts appear to be booming. More and more organizations are offering live performances and bringing in record numbers of audiences, but not without great efforts. It’s necessary to design programs that appeal to all attendees while at the same time nurturing the relationships with existing patrons. If you live in a major city in the western hemisphere, you have the opportunity to see Shen Yun. This classical Chinese dance company based in New York has an impressive cast that performs intricate, synchronized routines.

The increased number of performing arts events translates into increased demand for online registration and payment functionality. Social networking sites can no longer be used for event management. The best thing to do would be to implement a SaaS solution. SaaS technology helps manage bookings, spaces, and, last but not least, revenues. In other words, an event management platform saves time and money. More and more organizations are trying to sustain themselves by improving the bottom line with technology.

Technology takes the stage 

According to industry statistics, event management as a service market will experience a growth of approximately 11 percent by 2022. Performing arts companies will continue to acquire advanced technologies recognizing them as necessary elements to their activity. One-of-a-kind software products improve communications by enabling internal and external stakeholders to get important event information. Additionally, they can re-evaluate the funding model before the next budget. Seamless execution and event delivery are guaranteed.

All in all, the present era of performing arts is like no other. There are more opportunities than ever before to improve excellence and drive creativity. Technology has become an integral part, and, undoubtedly, SaaS is the most widely used technology. It enables organizations to run at minimal costs and speeds up overall functionality. The rapid changes in business dynamics are sure to benefit the market. 2020 was another groundbreaking year for event management as a service market. We’re excited to see what the following year will bring.

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