Outsourcing in Business Today

The private sector is a very busy economic sector and it is full of tight deadlines, which result in long nights and limited time. You might not even get the time to work on specific tasks that your business relies on. However, no matter how busy it gets, some businesses beat the odds and got successful.

The resource that helped them the most was delegating some tasks to other contractors and they would do the work.

Outsourcing can also help you if you have found yourself in a similar rat race of having a lot to do and too little time to do it. It saves you time that can be better used focusing on other parts of the business or relaxing. Let’s get some insights into why do companies choose to outsource work?

Advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing brings you many benefits that form the main reasons for outsourcing. These benefits include:

  • Access to skilled professionals in that particular field that will do their best work because that is what they are solely focused on. Your clients will always be satisfied with your work and turnaround time.

  • Core activities of the business don’t suffer because when you delegate the other non-core tasks to outsource agencies/companies, you will give the core tasks your undivided attention.

  • Your work gets done night and day if you hire offshore outsourcing companies and the work also continues even during your national holidays.

  • Outsourcing is also very cost effective. IT sector has reaped benefits from it since decades now.

Risk Management

You should be objective when you select which tasks you will do internally and which tasks you will outsource. For example, you should avoid at all costs outsourcing tasks that involve you revealing the identity of your client or other sensitive information.

Other tasks like website development and digital marketing, administration assistants, calling processes, customer care in any other form might be your non-core work areas, but don’t compromise your business. These can be outsourced with no second thoughts, but after a solid due-diligence.

Another task that is time intensive is copywriting, but you should go in with your eyes peeled and work with essay writing service you can trust. Your company’s business presentations, technical writings, products descriptions and detailed project reports is all sensitive material that you should protect.

There have been cases where off-shore outsource agencies have failed their clients due to process failures. It’s important that you conduct regular audits and review them deeply on a regular basis.

Carefully draft a plan

You should plan everything in advance from how you are going to source outsourcers to the final handoff. You should also have a backup lined up just in case things go sideways with your main outsourced contractor.

In your planning, don’t consider pricing only but also the quality of the work that must be produced. Go through the track records and reviews of the contractor if they are available and use them to make a decision.

Plan out how when you are going to handoff new work, the deadlines and the payment plans and methods for the contractors. Another worthy thing to consider if you are going to have to share sensitive information you should draft up a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the interests of your business.

Industry Overview

The outsourcing industry is very lucrative and capped of about $85.6 billion. Outsourcing was formed to help busy businessmen to be able to accomplish a lot at a lower price and still have time on your hands. The new-age companies have scaled new heights by choosing to outsource and automizing business processes.

There’s a wide range of industry-specific services you can outsource, so you can get an outsource company for any of your needs. Services that have been on the rise are virtual personal assistants and computer programmers.

You get all the benefits of having a fulltime employee and even more. In 2019, outsourcing the services is the wisest economic decision for the operation of your business and focus more on core areas.


As you have been reading, you have recognized why do companies outsource and why it is a financially savvy choice. You have also seen how you should be vigilant and cautious so that you don’t compromise your business. There is also no sure-fire way of determining good and bad contractors. You just have to do your homework on each one of them.

However, to save time and resources, you shouldn’t try and do all the tasks internally because that might turn your gears. That will result in poor productivity and unnecessary focus on unimportant business tasks. All the best on your business and always show objectivity on business-related decisions like this.


Author Bio:

Bobbi Sanchez is a business consultant who has helped many companies from US to set up business processes in India, Philippines and Serbia. He believes outsourcing is the key for every business to focus more on core work and save money to grow in a competitive environment. He is currently associated with EduBirdie, an online essay writing service. In his free time, Bob likes to play beach volleyball with his friends and invite them to BBQ parties at his countryside villa.

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