New Apple Rules Cause Headaches For Bookmakers

Being a bookmaker has always been a precarious profession with regards to staying above board and within the rules. Being a bookmaker isn’t even a legal profession in some jurisdictions, and the rules governing them can change from country to country with wildly differing results.


The digital world is no different for bookmakers, as a new June rules change how apps created by bookmakers for use by their bettors changes what software will be permitted to be used. The rule change stipulates that all new apps have to be native to the company’s software. What the rules mean is that if a company wishes to release an app made for gambling, they need to release an Apple-friendly app before anything else.

If this doesn’t sound too complicated to you, let me explain exactly why this is a thorn in the sides of bookmakers worldwide:

Increased costs for bookmakers

Having to create an application native to Apple software is a costly and time consuming process. Many betting sites simply have one app that can easily be tweaked to be compatible across many devices, not necessarily native to any in particular. In fact, that’s how most sports betting apps on iPhone work already. It’s a great time to be in the software development business since these lucrative sites will be clamoring for native iOS developers, but this move will surely inch out a lot of smaller fish who don’t have the thousands of dollars necessary to develop an Apple native app.

Coercion to comply

Despite the fact that there’s many other mobile OSes as well as PC applications, the simple fact is that approximately 49% of all mobile devices currently in use are Apple products. That means if a mobile betting company wants to protest these new rules by not participating, they’re alienating approximately half of their demographic right from the get-go. This is a huge financial incentive for these creators make an Apple-friendly app since it’s practically a majority of the population. Some bookmakers consider these new rule changes to be predatory in how they are essentially forcing them to comply or have their businesses shuttered.

Delays in services

There is a September 3 2019 deadline for these new rule changes, which, if you notice is but a mere three months for any mobile betting agency to create native Apple applications for their users. Many betting sites have gone down completely to divert all available resources to fulfilling the whims of Apple, much to the dismay of some of their regular users.



These new rules are a very good example of what can happen when one company holds a majority share of a particular distribution medium and choose to impose whatever rules they deem fit. The incentive to adapt to these rules is obvious, what with the thousands, if not millions of Apple devices in use worldwide. In the future, it’s highly likely that many apps will be first made for iOS type devices and then carefully tweaked to fit other platforms, although this might end up proving difficult. In the end, time will tell whether or not bookmakers will weather this storm.

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